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the Montgomery Emergency Management is there for the public safety and helps in the time of need such as flooding or other disasters. With Montgomery Borough having such a large area in the flood zones, the Montgomery EMA is very active and vigilant, especially during a flooding event.

The Montgomery EMA has devised an early warning system in the event of an imminent upcoming event such as high water or flash flooding, tornadoes, or any other event that the general public should be aware of. This warning system consists of a siren that will sound one long blast meaning that residents should tune to their television or radio station for emergency instructions. The system is tested from time to time with the testing publicized so residents are aware of the testing of the siren.

EMA is proud to announce their newest addition to the Community. A new EMA Command Post Truck. Stop by and see it, or call Dennis Gruver and ask for a tour of the many advantages and improvements that this truck makes possible.

Update: The warning siren is now operational. It is tested the first Saturday of every month at noon. The siren will sound for 30 seconds during this test. If residents hear this siren at any other time, it is an indication of an emergency. Residents should tune to Channel 44 on the television, or contact Dennis Gruver, EMA Cordinator, at 547-6777 for additional information.

Flood Stage Revised… The flood stage for Montgomery Borough has been raised from 17 feet to 20 feet. Cautionary stage now at 16 feet.

New Local Weather Station Active… By clicking on the weather section on the home page you will be directed to the local weather link.

The Emergency Management Agency Building is located at 40 Thomas Avenue, Montgomery. Montgomery Emergency Management Agency uses radio frequency 155.220 for local operations. This includes announcements of severe weather, status of severe weather in progress and damage statements. In times of heavy rain with flash flood potential, gauge readings from the two staff gauges on Black Hole Creek will be announced.

In times of potential high water from the Susquehanna River, readings from the Borough gauges will be announced on the hour. Most readings will start at our cautionary stage of 16 feet and will continue through crest. (Gauge readings are taken by volunteers as time permits)

Refer any concerns to Montgomery Emergency Management, Dennis M. Gruver, Coordinator – 547-6777 or email at ema61@Windstream.net

“Members of the Montgomery Emergency Management Agency are as follows”

(Radio Call Sign indicated by the numbers 6.X)


Dennis Gruver
Municipal EMA Coordinator 6.1
Home Phone: 570-547-6777
Email: ema61@Windstream.net

Les Gruver
Administrative Assistant 6.3
Home Phone: 570-547-1130
Email: lgruver1@Windstream.net

Greg Gruver
Deputy EMA Coordinator 6.31
Home Phone: 570-547-1212
Email: gruver@hotpop.com

(in alphabetical order)

Gruver, Dennis 6-1

Gruver, Leslie 6-3

Cook, Steven 6-4

Okkelberg, Matt 6-6

Simon, Wane 6-7

Hively,Jr Merle 6-9

Gruver, Nancy 6-11

Feaster, Bradley 6-12

Gruver, Joanne 6-13

Cook, Michelle 6-14

Brendle, Dale 6-15

Crist, Lynn 6-17

Bennett, Gary 6-18

Hivley, Stacey 6-19

Herb, Fae 6-25

Morgan, Robert 6-27

Gross, Malvin R 6-28

Gross, Malvin L 6-30

Gruver, Greg 6-31

Swinn, Kenneth 6-32

Kroft, Christopher 6-35

Kroft, Rebecca 6-36

Trotter, JOSHUA 6-37

Holtzapple, Tom 6-38

Trotter, Caleb 6-39

The following is a list of “CRITICAL RIVER LEVELS” that residents can be aware of in the event of a high water event. These river levels are taken from the Muncy River Bridge and relate to areas of concern for Montgomery Borough:


11.0 Begin staff gauge at Montgomery Little League Bridge
2 – Rescue15.0 Water at top of river bank
15.0 Advise Little League of possible water damage
15.0 Advise Riverside Campground of water level

16.0 Cautionary Stage

16.0 Water Levels posted on Borough Website
17.0 Water in Little League building – Little League Bridge closed
18.0 Water at 1st Campsite at Riverside Campground

20.0 Advise Residents of Broad and Second Street of water level
20.0 Open Emergency Operation Center at Borough Office
20.0 Water covers road at old RR Underpass on S. Main Street
22.0 Water on Gage next to post office. 2’ on roadway at underpass
22.0 EMA Mobile Command Truck responds to Muncy River Bridge
22.6 MUNCY RIVER BRIDGE CLOSED – Begin Muncy readings
22.9 Water in Montgomery Park Pavilion – Water across Ellis Parkway
24.5 Water in basement of Fireman’s Social Hall – 19 W Houston Ave
24.84 Water over road at Montgomery Bridge – Route 405
25.0 Water at base of Carnival Ground concession stand
25.0 Advise Sewer Plant of water level
25.0 Water around Riverside Lounge and upper campground
25.09 Water across road at Broad and 2nd Street
26.92 Water across road at bridge on W. Houston Avenue
27.0 Water inside Riverside Lounge
30.0 Prepare to shelter Bower Street Development residents
30.39 Water across road at Montgomery Street and Thomas Avenue
31.0 Water around buildings at Borough Garage and Post Office
31.44 10 Broad Street – water on first floor
33.0 Water on first floor of Bower Street development

Keep in mind that the river readings change constantly. If you are in one of the areas subject to flooding, keep informed of the river readings. In 1972 during Hurricane Agnes, the river rose to an astounding crest of 37.45 feet. That was 17.45 feet above flood stage in Montgomery Borough.

In the event of a potential flood situation, please refer to the Montgomery EMA Home Page home page Montgomery Emergency Management Agency<---- click here for website-- and click on the link for hourly river readings in Montgomery.


“Nancy Jane Gruver”

“April 5th 1941 – February 26th 2019”


If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Montgomery Borough Emergency Management Agency, please contact Dennis Gruver at 570-547-6777, or any EMA Member.

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