Montgomery Police Department

Montgomery Borough Police
31 S Main Street
Phone: 547-1672
Non emergency: 329-4060
Emergency: 911


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Jeff Houseknecht
Jason Wertz
Nate Moyer
Eric Winters
Ken Flewelling
Mark Cassel
Ray Kontz


The officers of the Montgomery Police Department are dedicated to upholding and carrying out local, state and federal laws in our efforts to protect the lives, liberties and property of residents, employees and guests of our community. Our objective is to reduce and prevent crime, and also provide a sense of safety and security within the community.
Our officers rely on the eyes and ears residents and business owners/employees; we count on these people to report concerns and unusual happenings around their homes and businesses. Community reports regarding suspicious individuals, suspicious activity, vandalism, suspected crimes (minor and significant), etc., play a large role in our successful protecting of the community. We cannot stress enough the importance of notifying us as immediately as possible after (preferably during) these events. Timely reporting of even the most minor incidents plays strongly into our ability to resolve these problems in a timely manner, which often prevents further problems. If we don’t know it’s happening, we can’t stop it.

The Montgomery Borough Police Department provides primary police coverage for Montgomery Borough, Upon request, MPD will assist the Pennsylvania State Police with incidents in Clinton Township and Brady township, but MPD does not provide primary police coverage in Clinton Township or Brady Township after February 2020

In addition to state and federal laws, MPD enforce some Montgomery Borough ordinances such as noise complaints, burning complaints, parking complaints/violations, animal concerns, etc, however they do not widely enforce most ordinances of Montgomery Borough in the same manner as a Codes Enforcement Officer. The duties of Borough Codes/Ordinance enforcement are performed by Codes Inc.

Officer Jeff Houseknecht is a certified Child Passenger Safety technician. He is available by appointment or at public events, such as National Night Out, to assist in safe and proper installation of your car seat(s) or to inspect your own installation. He can also provide information regarding when children should transition to less restrictive seats.


Chief Henry Hand is the only officer in the history of the Montgomery Police Department to be killed in the line of duty. Chief Hand was shot and killed in an unprovoked attack while walking on Houston Avenue on December 13, 1938. The suspect, William Andrews, who held a grudge against police, opened fire on Chief Hand without warning. Andrews was arrested and confessed to the shooting. In 1994, to publicly honor Chief Hand’s sacrifice, Mayor Alfred Douglas officially renamed Park Street to Henry Hand Drive. CLICK HERE to read more about Chief Hand.



“Officer Angel L McLaughlin ”

“May 3rd 1973 to June 1st 2019”

A 5 year veteran of the Montgomery Police Department lost her fight with cancer on Saturday, June 1.


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